HYS Yachts. The Art of Conversion.


Drafting the Perfect “Personality”.

The most critical task for any HYS Yachts conversion project comes at the very beginning: accurately identifying the specific lifestyle – or “personality” – the owner would like his or her completed project to convey.

Should the project reflect a luxurious-yet-cozy family habitat? A contemporary, corporate entertainment venue? Or perhaps a simple yet opulent “port-hopper” outfitted for maximum serenity and assorted aquatic diversions?

Once we – along with a great deal of input from you – have an complete understanding of the project's desired “look and feel”, a comprehensive Project Personality Brief is generated…and the drafting begins.

Using your vessel’s original General Arrangement drawing as a guide for the project's overall size and volume specifications, Naval Architect (and HYS partner) Simon Jupe drafts a proposed GA layout inclusive of all functionality and luxury appointments necessary to bring your project's “personality” to life.

This initial, proposed GA is just a starting point for many additional rounds of revision and refinement until all of your requirements are satisfied.