HYS Yachts. The Art of Conversion.

Lavish Living.

The perfect home away from home.

Luxurious Interiors:

Lavish. Functional. Tranquil. Perfect.

Close your eyes and reflect back to the most beautiful, luxurious accommodation you've ever visited: the custom made wood furnishings; sumptuous carpeting and hand-hemmed window coverings; bedding of the finest 320-count fabrics. Bathrooms that glisten with marble, chrome and gold. Closets and cabinetry meticulously sculpted from exotic, seamlessly-joined rare woods.

A place for work. A place for play. A place for rest. Overall, an opulent environment for luxurious living - exactingly-appointed and designed with maximum comfort and usability in mind.

Open your eyes aboard any HYS Yachts project, and you find yourself surrounded by interior environments that are equally as lavish, functional, tranquil, perfect.

The layout and personal requirements of your own project would, of course, be designed and crafted to your own specific tastes and material specifications.

As with all other aspects of your project, any special requests you may have are always welcomed.