HYS Yachts. The Art of Conversion.


So startling, the transformation
may seem unbelievable.

The Transformation:

Seeing is Believing.

Nothing testifies to our expertise, workmanship, and dedication to functional and aesthetic perfection better than a side-by-side comparison of one of our more recent commercial-to-luxury conversion projects: the M/Y Western Isles.

No photo-trickery or image-manipulation techniques here: featured within our transformations gallery are selected shots from the actual interior and exterior photo documentation of the Western Isles project when she arrived at our conversion facility…and what we transformed her into after only ten short months.

The striking metamorphosis from a tired and battered commercial vessel to a sea-going luxury palace is as startling as it is beautiful.

But those are just words: seeing is believing.

Only after viewing the “before and after” comparisons showcased in our Transformations Gallery will you be able to fully appreciate the spectacular results HYS Yachts can achieve for your project.

Click here – or on any of the three images shown left – to examine the stunning photographic evidence for yourself.