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Hawkes Technologies Super Falcon Two Passenger Submarine
US $800,000 Dollars

The Super Falcon Mark II Submarine (designed by Hawkes Ocean Technologies) comes fully equipped to take two passengers on underwater adventures down to 120 meters at six knots for a safe, comfortable, decompression-free flight into the deep.

Designed with safety as the number one criteria, the Mark II has been subject to stringent testing standards, has been fully proof-pressure tested and, unlike conventional submarines which use variable ballast systems, the Super Falcon incorporates fixed positive buoyancy - with auto return to the surface - providing unparalleled safety.

Using fly-by-wire technology, the Super Falcon uses a simple, intuitively designed control system which will enable you to safely dive and navigate this extraordinary deep-water toy with minimal training.

At 1800 kg and only 5.2 m in length, the Super Falcon Mark II can be easily accommodated on more yachts than any other submarine on the market today with little or no retrofit required.

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