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International Consultancy

Success proven expertise for any conversion or refit project anywhere in the world.


Expert advice and hands-on expertise on any conversion or refit project anywhere in the world.

Planning a conversion or yacht refit but have already committed the project another shipyard?

Or perhaps you’re already knee-deep in a project but are uncertain that you’re receiving the proper advice and expertise to get it accomplished on time and on budget?

We’re here to help.

The ultimate success of any maritime conversion or major refit requires the extensive knowledge, planning and multi-disciplinary management skills that HYS has become famous for.

From project/personnel management to naval architecture to any of a dozen other conversion/refit related sub-specialties, we are happy to act as item specific or project length consultants for your venture.

No matter where your project is, no matter how simple or complex your plans may be, our in-depth, success proven knowledge in this unique and highly specialized field may be the critical ingredient needed to keep your project on track and on budget.

To discuss your project goals, deployment timeline and consultancy requirements, please click here to contact us by phone or email.